Lantmännen seed laboratories

At Lantmännen's laboratory in Svalöv, we conduct sophisticated analysis and development activities for plant breeding. This includes marker-assisted selection, genetic quality control and the production of Double Haploids (DH).

We perform analyses both for our internal operations and customers. We have long experience of conducting analyses, quality measurements and development work at professional level, and we naturally comply with international methods and standards.

Our laboratory is organised into 4 groups:

  1. chemical and oil plant analysis,
  2. cereal analysis,
  3. marker-based analysis and
  4. DH production.  

We also markets analysis services externally through Svenska Cereallaboratoriet AB. 

Marker Technology

An expanding area of research at the Lantmännen's laboratory is molecular biology, mainly marker technology, which i.a. makes it possible to make selections for a certain quality traits at the DNA-level.

The work includes both the development of markers for interesting agronomical properties as well as the use of markers as selection tools within the plant breeding. Mainly, PCR-based molecular markers are used, but also other markers such as isoenzymes are included. Markers are also used to "fingerprint" SW varieties, carry out hybridization tests and assess genetic purity with respect to genetically modified plants.

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