Triticale is used as an animal feed and there is plenty of interest in triticale as a raw material for ethanol manufacture. More and more of the triticale being produced will probably be used for this in future.

Breeding programmes

We breed triticale at the Lantmännen breeding station in Emmeloord in the Netherlands, and this takes place with an eye to the markets in Northern and Central Europe and France. A lot of trials with triticale are taking place in many locations in the target markets. Fast development of good varieties, along with great sales and marketing effort, have resulted in SW triticale growing, from a small crop to a natural and vital ingredient in the company's range.

Desirable qualities

Apart from its high yield and good quality, triticale breeding aims to achieve high reliable growth in the form of excellent hardiness, good straw properties and excellent resistance to disease and sprouting. The requirement for an increased starch content is also being implemented in connection with an increase in interest from the ethanol industry.

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