Spring Wheat

Spring wheat is bred mainly for milling purposes where supreme quality is required by the industry. The demands are stringent – the varieties should have good hectolitre and thousand kernel weight with no colour defects in order to work well when cleaning and to give a high exchange in the mill. The flour should have a number of characteristics such as certain water absorption, get a nice crust, develop the right kneading properties, rise to a certain height and contain no air bubbles.


Breeding programmes

Spring wheat is bred in Svalöv, Sweden and aims to produce spring wheat varieties to be cultivated in Scandinavia, in the Baltic Sea region, and central Europe but the material is suitable also in other regions. The breeding program focuses on developing varieties with progress in yield, but also to select healthy varieties with good resistances against important harvest declining diseases.

Kernel qualities

The desired quality in spring wheat is high potential in protein content. The protein quality and performance is very important. Colour, hectolitre weight and thousand kernel weight are properties important in the cleaning processes and to give a high exchange within the mill. A stable falling number ensures a high quality milling wheat when grown in areas with demanding weather.

Argonomic properties

Besides quality properties, the program aims to deliver varieties with a high yield, good straw strength and good resistance to disease, for reducing the need for crop protection. For northern cultivation areas, early ripening is another important quality. 

Disease resistance

To achieve a stable yield and a low use of chemicals, resistance against fungal diseases is essential. In Scandinavia, the most serious diseases of spring wheat are yellow leaf spot and Septoria Tritici. In warm, dry areas, resistance to brown leaf rust is important. Susceptibility towards Fusarium is another characteristics taken into account within the breeding.

Organic varieties

The demand for varieties suitable for organic conditions grows rapidly. For organic flour production spring wheat is important. Therefore varieties with high disease resistance is needed, as well as a good straw strength. Selection for high performing baking quality is also very important. 


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