Spring Oil seeds

The demand for rape seed oil for food and fuel production is increasing. our varieties do not only have a high oil content, but the remaining cake after crushing also has a very high nutritional value that is used in feed mixtures. The spring rape program is situated in the south of Sweden.

Breeding programmes

There are two spring rape breeding programmes:

  1. Focus on Europe. The UK, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Russia and the Baltic States are important markets.
  2. Focus on early spring rape varieties for North American, mainly for the Canadian market. This programme is run in cooperation with a Canadian company.

The two programmes may complement one another for other markets, such as South America and parts of Africa and Asia.

Desirable qualities Spring Rape

  • Yield and quality
    A high, regular yield of both seed and oil, as well as good oil quality, are important breeding concerns for spring rape. By "good oil quality", we often mean oil with a low erucic acid and chlorophyll. The oil may also have different types of fatty acid composition, suitable for various usage. This is very important. Other important breeding targets are a high protein content and a low glucosinolate content in the flour.

  • Agronomic qualities
    As far as agronomic qualities are concerned, good stalk strength and early maturity are important. There are varieties that ripen at different times, suitable for different cultivation regions.

  • Resistance to insects and disease
    In Europe, various kinds of wilt, such as wilt and rape stem rot, together with rape beetles, are what cause the most damage. In Canada, blackleg is the dominant disease, and so new varieties there require good resistance to this.

More about spring rape

When breeding spring rape, we produce varieties through conventional, open-pollinating combination breeding and through hybrid cultivation as well. At the moment, our spring rape hybrids are most current on the North American market. In Europe, the hybrids tried and tested to date have failed to hold their own against the conventional varieties, but new and improved hybrid parents are on their way.

Desirable qualities Spring turnip Rape

Early ripening and seed retention are distinguishing qualities of spring turnip rape. Ideally, these properties should be combined with high yield and resistance to disease.

More about Spring turnip Rape

Spring turnip rape ripens about two weeks earlier than spring rape, so providing more freedom to choose something like winter wheat as a follow-up crop. The yield is lower than for spring rape, but spring turnip rape is easier to cultivate because it retains its seeds well and competes more readily against weeds.

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